Our mission

We promote the social and environmental betterment of Italian communities by sharing our unique access to resources provided by Costa Crociere and its partners.

“The world is impatient for us to make a difference” Ban Ki-moon, Rome, 2009.

For our Foundation, making a real difference means doing things differently. It means harnessing potential both within the organization and across the wider stakeholder network. It means maximizing the impact of each project by encouraging philanthropy among employees and partners, establishing lasting partnerships across society and taking advantage of as many non-monetary resources as possible.

Our strength lies in the broad spectrum of resources we have to draw on, from skilled employees on and offshore to a network of suppliers, business partners, public authorities, media contacts and travel agents. Added to this are the financial and material assets that Costa is willing to invest, and the participation of its stakeholders it is ready to encourage. By working together, we can make that difference.


We believe that to have the biggest impact, we need to start on the smallest scale: the local one. Our first projects therefore aim to tackle the risks faced by the Italian people as a result of the global recession and the ecological emergency faced by the country’s coastlines as a result of our industrial throwaway culture.

By striving to remove the social barriers of hunger, homelessness, educational disadvantage and material deprivation, and to halt the ecological disaster that marine debris poses for our natural environment, we can help make people’s lives and our natural environment better.

We will support organizations and individuals who share our goals. We will pool the resources of Costa Crociere, its employees and its stakeholders, instilling in them the desire to remove these barriers and the hope of giving Italian people a better future and a cleaner coastline.

Samuele Madrigali