The purpose of our organizational structure is to base the foundation two main pillars – one to drive strategy and evaluation and the other to pilot operational management – while assuring a cooperative working relationship between both arms, our stakeholders and our Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors shapes the foundation’s mission, goals and strategies based on recommendations received from Foundation Staff.

It will outline where we can make the biggest difference in our areas of focus – the people and coastline of Italian communities, starting in Genoa.

It will set the overall direction towards achieving these goals and provide a roadmap to guide our grantmaking and selection of charitable projects, based on recommendations received from the Advisory Board.

It will interact with the Foundation Staff who will oversee operations, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the foundation’s partners in order to understand progress and results achieved, reflecting on any lessons learned and making any necessary adjustments.


Our independent Board of Directors brings the necessary skills and experiences needed to achieve the Foundation’s goal of serving the community and solving environmental problems.

Board members pledge to work with honesty and integrity, adhering to the principles of openness and transparency.

All are committed to the foundation’s charitable purpose and to helping people and communities build better lives and healthier environments.

The Board will make sure the resources provided by Costa Crociere are used wisely in supporting projects that will bring lasting change. It will pursue respectful leadership and treat applicants and grantees fairly and respectfully in the management of these resources.


The eight members of the Board of Directors are all results-oriented professionals hailing from both inside and outside Costa Crociere. Their individual experiences give them a keen understanding of the relevant social and environmental issues as well as the ability to find effective ways of tackling them.

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Stefania Bertolini brings in-depth experience on CSR from all angles and is an authoritative voice on responsible business ethics.

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Laura, Chairwoman of the Foundation, coordinates a large team of volunteer employees – the Costa Care Team – and is training them to assist cruise passengers in times of crisis.

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Giuseppe Carino is adept at managing revenues, leading teams, promoting partnerships and channeling opportunities to turn mission statements into positive customer experiences at Costa Crociere.

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Paola Girdinio is a leading expert on environmental issues and member of a number of ministerial environmental impact commissions, as well as member of the ENEL Board of Directors.

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Beniamino Maltese’s financial expertise and management skills helped transform Costa Crociere from a family business to a publicly listed company.

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Trained in shipping and naval engineering, Ugo Salerno currently heads RINA, Italy’s supervisory body responsible for classifying, inspecting and testing in the marine, energy and transport sectors.

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Costa Crociere CEO, Michael Thamm has built up a wide portfolio of management successes in the shipping and cruise-line industry.

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As former Secretary General of the Foundation’s until May 2017, She led the creation and growth of the Costa Crociere Foundation up to its consolidation.

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President of Costa Cruises, has been guiding the company to secure a profitable future through the delivery of innovative and customer oriented solutions.

Samuele Madrigali