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Partnership Between Costa Crociere Foundation, Regione Liguria and AIDDA


In recent years, red shoes have come to symbolize the campaign to stop violence against women – they appear in art, are mentioned in literature and poetry, and were the stimulus for a number of initiatives which bravely and vehemently condemn all forms of abuse.
Scarpette Rosse

Costa Crociere Foundation, in collaboration with Liguria Regional Council and AIDDA (an Italian association of female business executives and entrepreneurs), decided to set up a fund to support women victims of violence through the sale of silk scarves decorated with red shoes. The scarf was designed and produced by Maison Daphne, a Sanremo-based atelier specializing in female fashion and accessories.



The underlying idea is to reach out to anyone able to offer help to women who have suffered abuse. Purchasing a Red Shoes Scarf ashore or on-board a Costa ship will help fund a paid traineeship or placement to help these women acquire the professional skills they need to get back into the workplace, gain new confidence in themselves and also achieve financial independence.
All monies collected (less only the production cost of the scarves) will be spent on setting up such traineeships.

Red Shoes on Tour kicks off in Liguria and, from there, will travel the world on Costa ships!

Events in Liguria are:

  • 05 June 2018: Costa Crociere – Palazzo Costa, Piazza Piccapietra 48, Genova
  • 14 June 2018: Cruise Terminal – Largo Michele Fiorillo, La Spezia
  • 21 June 2018: Cruise Terminal – Via Antonio Gramsci, Savona
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