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Partnership with costa crociere foundation and Purple Centers Foundation

Purple Centers Foundation

A beautiful species of Orchidea called Waling-waling grows in the Philippines. Not only is it pretty, it is also extraordinarily resistant to adversity. It is from this outstanding strength that Purple Centres Foundation took its inspiration, basing its name on the characteristic purple colour of the Waling-waling.

tpcf_foundationIts strength is what drives Purple Centre Foundations every day as it carries on the many aid projects it provides for less fortunate Filippino families and children, making sure they have access to healthy food, health care and education, and the chance of a better life and promising future.

Founded in 2003 by Brit Jane Walker, the international charity went immediately to work building infant schools and community centres to finally get children and parents away from the rubbish tips where they were living.

While education has always been a key priority for the Foundation, the schools are just one of the ambitious steps taken by the association. A further decisive measure are courses for adults to tackle illiteracy in the Philippines and increase employment prospects; education is vital to lift people out of the blight of poverty afflicting a large part of the population in the country.

Health care is another of the pillars of the aid package delivered by Purple Centers Foundation. In this regard, it has opened a family clinic, introduced a regular worming programme for students, and extended the nutrition programme to include vitamins and more fruit in the young people’s daily diet.

Partnership with Costa Crociere Foundation

The charity’s vision, combined with its characteristic rigour and transparency, led to a partnership of international scope with Costa Crociere Foundation. Together, the two foundations have devised and brought to life the Hello Philippines, Hello Future project.

The initiative, which aims to deliver long-term change, has managed to get more than 500 Filipino children, aged 7 to 18, into school every year. The young people also receive full health care and free school materials, as well as the opportunity to take part in special after-school courses.

Every year, 50 students are offered the chance to continue to vocational courses in cooking, catering, and hotel services, held by the same institute which trains Costa  crew members.

A solid, worthwhile partnership has taken root between Costa Crociere Foundation and Purple Centres Foundation, with the potential to address the dramatic problem of poverty in the Philippines and give hope, opportunity and joy to the young people who live there.

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Samuele Madrigali