Social Program

In a society where many people don’t know where their next meal will come from, the Costa Crociere Foundation intends to wield the many unique resources at its disposal to help house the homeless, feed the poor and propel the young into education and employment.


In Italy’s biggest economic downturn in decades, hardship, hunger and homelessness are real problems happening to real people. Incomes have been squeezed and homes lost as people struggle to make ends meet. A job, a dignified standard of living and a secure future are no longer the status quo. Relief schemes are under strain, healthcare and education have been cut and investment in social welfare reduced. It is a social crisis on our doorstep.


The Costa Crociere Foundation responded to some of Italy’s most severe social problems with a multi-faceted solution addressing the main elements pushing people into poverty. By offering humanitarian assistance and investing in education while leveraging both the company’s own resources and that of its network of like-minded partners, we aim to save livelihoods, build stronger, healthier communities and free vulnerable people from poverty.


In our social program, we aim to address the main causes of poverty by giving people the tools they need to lift themselves out of hunger and homelessness in the long term, and ease the main burdens it inflicts on their lives in the short term. By targeting both causes and consequences, investing in the future through education and in the here and now through humanitarian assistance, we can give disadvantaged groups in our target communities the resources, the opportunities and the education they need to live a healthy, productive life.


Un bambino che ha già lottato e superato l’immenso A child who has already battled and overcome illness needs, and is entitled, not to be left alone, to prevent any potential relapse and also to have the necessary psychological support in his or her everyday life.

Turning Point: New Pathways

This project reaches out to women who, on account of a personal vulnerability or past trauma, struggle to enter the labour market.


Valorizziamo i molti talenti di persone con disabilità intellettiva, assai svantaggiati nel mondo del lavoro e purtroppo troppo spesso sminuiti dalla collettività.

WAT! Women Accessibility Tourism

A model of excellence in accessible tourism, a springboard to social inclusion for disabled travellers, an instrument of empowerment for unemployed young women with MS.

NEET in Trekking

Breaking down the barriers that stop vulnerable young people from achieving their full potential, while building up sustainable, accessible tourism products that safeguard and promote the Itrian Valley’s outstanding natural heritage.

NEET in Trekking

Breaking down the barriers that stop vulnerable young people from achieving their full potential, while building up sustainable, accessible tourism products that safeguard and promote the Itrian Valley’s outstanding natural heritage.

E’ Buono: every reason to buy an ice cream

The first eco-social enterprise project in Italy to engage and employ vulnerable young people and drive the economy in unique ways – the artisan Italian way.

Quit the silence

Breaking the cycle of violence through education, employment, and empowerment. Giving women the tools to become social entrepreneurs and not just statistics.

Hello Philippines, Hello future

The Philippines is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, but the positive effects are not being felt by all. Today only 7 children out of 10 complete primary school.

Rebuilding with a plate of Amatriciana

On 24 August at 03.36, whole villages in central Italy were wiped out by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre straddled the towns of Amatrice, Accumuli and Arquata Del Tronto, each razed to the ground along with their outlying hamlets. Hundreds of people lost their lives.


Matching supply and demand in the catering industry to help disadvantaged young people gain a foothold in the labour market.

Today – Tomorrow – To Nino

Our mission is to empower young people who leave education and training prematurely by giving them opportunities to gain the skills and qualifications they need to grasp their future with both hands.

Into work together

Young people hold the key to a more prosperous society. With Costa Crociere Foundation, we can help to steer them through the door of opportunity and into a more fulfilling future.

Education: The key to your future

Experts believe “The better-educated a person is, the more likely they will avoid economic and social despair.” When you can’t find a job or don’t earn enough to live, you risk falling into a vicious cycle of indebtedness, insecurity and, ultimately, poverty. An education can change all that. It can open doors to a new life.

A Dentist as a Friend

Feeling awkward about smiling in public because you’re not confident about opening your mouth is not the best of feelings. Not only does it make mixing in social situations difficult, it’s also quite painful when you have problems with your teeth!

A Safe Haven

Even though it is common opinion that ours should be the century of women, there are still too many cases in which they do not even feel safe at home. The project A safe haven addresses women who fell victim to domestic violence and stalking.

Sea Routes to Success

How to recover the tradition of training ships and tackle the issue of NEETs – young adults not Engaged in Employment or Training? The goal of Pathway through the sea, a project with a strong social impact created by Associazione Non Solo Vela is twofold.

Miracles’ Shop

How to provide NEETs – young adults who are Not Employed in Education or Training – and people affected by Down Syndrome (DS) with an unmissable opportunity of professional growth?

Women In Technology

Designed by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the project aims to direct young women – living in regions with a high unemployment rate – to entrepreneurship and provide them with skills that will be essential for the world of work and help them to express their potential in society.

Food Assistance

The world produces enough food to feed everyone, but many people don’t have enough money to purchase it. Food insecurity has become a reality for more than 4.8 million hard-hit Italians – a rise of 120% over 5 years.

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